Shadowrun : Positions Vacant

I recently picked up the 20th(!) Anniversary Shadowrun sourcebook so I was looking at some old materials I had for inspiration for a game. I found an old shadowrun ‘scenario’  I ran as a special event (with help from @fromthewaist) at the last (or perhaps penultimate, I can’t recall) Confess.

The idea was that it would be an alternative to the traditional 3hr sessions, which can take up a lot of and offer new players a chance to try out an RPG.

It’s a little stat light, but  I present it here for anyone who is interested in a quick Shadowrun, or is looking for a story seed.

Here’s the link to it, alas the character sheets have long since been lost so it would need some work before it could be used (although)


2 Responses to Shadowrun : Positions Vacant

  1. guywinter says:

    I should have the Character sheets somewhere – let me delve into “deep storage” and see what I can pull out…

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