Masks Of Nyarlathotep (part 3)

Wherein the players meet Warren Besart and the Clive Expedition..

Also attached some scanned character backgrounds for your amusement. (note Caltrows spell list..)

The Clive Expedition

The light of a new day brought new clues. Nigel Wassif contacted the investigators with further information. In particular he told them about the current Penhew foundation dig in Cairo, the Clive expedition. In a report in his newspaper that expedition had found a mummy. However that same find had been stolen from them mere days later. The expedition were currently digging at Memphis

Unfortunately that new day also brought bad news. Ms. Beaumont received a telegram informing her that her father had taken ill; she elected to return to the U.S. immediately. Ms Duville accompanied her. Mr. Bogard also had an errand to run but not so far away. He merely had to travel to Port Said to pick up a package for a client.

The remaining investigators decided to follow up on Warren Besart. They found him in the back of a shop in one of the worst parts of town. The room stank of Hashish. When he eventually calmed down, Warren told his tale (sometimes lapsing into French or Arabic as he did).

Again Nigel Wassif contacted the investigators. He had looked into the Clive expedition further and had discovered that one of the expedition members, a Dutchman named Janwillhem Vanheulen, was fired from the expedition but was still in Cairo. The investigators set about tracking this man down.

They found Janwillhem in a room not unlike Besart’s, at the back of a tailor’s shop. Vanheulen’s tongue was loosened when the investigators took him for a drink. It soon became apparent that he was fired for drunkenness and that he had been stuck in Cairo looking for any expedition that would take him on. A few more drinks and he revealed he was working on something that was going to make him famous. It was a translation of some scrolls he found in a small temple in the old city. Martin Winfield, another member of the Clive expedition had told him of the temple.

The investigators said they would like to see the scrolls and a drunken Janwillhem was in no state to argue. He at first showed them his partial translation in Dutch, from which the investigators learned the title ‘The black rites of Luveh-Keraph’. At about the same time the investigators noticed an unusually large cathering of cats around the room. They bade Janwillhem goodnight and started planning a way to get the scrolls from him, in the hopes that it might shed some light on their investigation.

The next day the group hired a jeep and set out for Memphis, site of the Clive expedition dig. The site was heavily defended with barbed wire and guards all around. Dr. Caltrow used his fathers reputation to convince Dr. Clive to give them a tour of the site. Although they found nothing unusual about the dig, they did meet some colourful characters. They met Martin Winfield a sadistic brute of a man in a position of authority at the dig. He admitted telling Janwillhem of the temple, saying he would have checked it himself but he had to work at the main dig.

Also working on the dig was James Gardener who shared a common interest in Jung with Dr. Caltrow. He seemed a pleasant sort of fellow. Johannes Sprech was a German working on the site that the investigators were briefly introduced to. Lastly they met Agatha Broadmore an elderly lady who claimed to be a medium. Their visit to the camp was cut short however as they are not permitted to stay on the site and instructed to return to Cairo.

The investigators plan to get the scrolls from Janwillhem was put into action, while Edwin and Fr. Parks took Janwillhem for drinks Dr. Caltrow and Ma’muhd gained entry to his room. Again there were dozens of cats  but they managed to find and take the scrolls.

Back at the hotel the next morning it seemed that the cats were now pursuing the investigators. A trip to Khafour with the scrolls was called for. After perusing the ill-gotten gains for a while Khafour tells them that the scrolls were written by Luveh-Keraph the high priestess of the cat goddess Bast and that they contain rites of worship to said deity. He suggested they be returned to their rightful place as soon as possible. The wailing of cats in the streets outside provided emphasis to Khafour’s warning.

A second visit to the site of the Clive dig revealed there were some contradictions in Clive’s story of the scrolls found with the mummy and that at least one of the workers was wearing what they now recognised as the symbol of the Black Pharaoh. Clive claimed not to know the identity of the mummy and that the scrolls were destroyed by poor storage. Gardner, whom Dr. Caltrow remembered as the author of a book theorising the existence of a labyrinth beneath the sphinx at Giza, told them that the scrolls were in excellent condition and identified the mummy as Queen Nitocris.

The investigators warn Clive of the cultist they saw but he remains unconvinced. They also ask to stay the night since it is such a long drive back to Cairo. Clive reluctantly agrees this time. In their discussions that night the concensus is that the next site for investigation should be the site at Dashur as that was the main site for the Carlyle expedition and something seemed to have happened to them once they entered the Bent Pyramid.


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