Couple of things I’ve been thinking of.

First off we’ve just kicked off a game of Traveller. It’s my first time playing the game previously I only knew it by reputation, that being lots of tables,charts and dice rolling that its almost a simulation rather than a game  (Oh, that and how having a rocket scientist handy is a requirement). We’ve had two sessions now and I have to say its reputation seems somewhat deserved. The first session was almost entirely character gen. you start with rolling up base character stats and a homeworld then you proceed to generate a career which works a little like Pendragons character generation, where your stats are modified based on particular events in your history. The subsequent session was also largely dominate by character gen, providing the links between our characters, working out how the group was going to work, buying the initial equipment. Even when the game got started we really were just getting used to ‘our’ ship and stocking up with Cargo and passengers. Not a lot of actually roleplaying ( admittedly there did seem to be a couple of individual asides which slowed things down somewhat), that said it did feel a lot like laying the ground work for a truly epic campaign and I suspect the following few sessions will see a lot happen in game.

I’ve mentioned to the other players that I think its the kind of system and setting that really benefits from a bit of flavour and backstory. With that In mind I’ve suggested we set up a site or blog where we can keep some kind of in character diary. I’m thinking a set of ships logs. That will allow us to (without huge time commitments) embellish a little on the the events of the previous session, add a little detail around the stuff that is skimmed over in the course of a normal game, and flesh our own characters backgrounds. It remains to be seen how well it will work for us, but I think its worth a try.

On a separate topic I just got a copy of “spider-man: reign” as a birthday present. I really enjoyed it the premise ( SPOILER ALERT) is a future manhattan where Peter parker has hung up the webs and is now and old man, downtrodden and mourning the loss of Mary Jane. It’s my kind of spidey story, a little darker in tone than usual and with a real sense of danger about it, it reminded me a little of “Kravens last hunt“. But I digress, the point was the aging element was done quiet nicely and it got me to thinking about aging in games.

I think it could make for a great conclusion to a long running campaign to have a session many years later where the PCs have all moved on from their dragonslaying/high-kicking/gun-toting ways and something brings them back together for one last blast. I reckon theres some fun to be had seeing all the changes that have happened over the years, the Inn you first met in long since torn down, the kings son on the throne, the people have forgotten who you were. You can really up the risks as well, long running NPCS die (of old age!), The villains are younger and fitter than you are and perhaps not everyone survives the heroic last stand.

Some games align quite nicely to this idea already, Pendragon again jumps to mind as it has the Idea of playing several generations in sequence, taking over and playing as one of your children (or neices or nephews) when your initial character dies, although you’re more likely to meet an abrupt and violent end rather then make it to old age. Others not so much, the impact is slightly reduced for the ageless creatures of the world of darkness.

I may give it a shot If I can get round to running a game again, will update here if I do.


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  1. omegar says:

    It was incredibly non role playing for the first two weeks, for which i apologize. It should be a lot better from here on out!

    I have set up the following

    as the ships log.

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