Dominicon 2K8

This weekend Just gone was Dominicon,  Maynooths Games Convention.

I always enjoy Dominicon. Before you even get into the Con itself its got a couple of great things going for it. Maynooth is a pretty small town , so everything is a short walk from everything else. The campus accommodation is really cheap between  23€ and 27€ a head per night.  Its a short hop from Dublin so its not to expensive to travel to for those who live there. Similarly for folks who live outside of Dublin you can get there without having to fight through the worst of the Dublin traffic.

Apart from that I like it cause Its quite a relaxed con, I Imagine it to be a bit like what confess is like for other people, plenty of casual gaming going on and an informal atmosphere.  It also happens to be the con that we get the most  Flat Earth attendees at (being a kind of compromise between Dublin and Sligo it suits us well).

If I had to hazard a guess I think its also a very ‘young’ con , in that the folks involved in staffing and running it aren’t creaky old folks like much of the FESS crew ( excepting myself of course, I’m not even Thirty yet !).

I got up to plenty of gaming there , which I’ll detail a bit more over on the Flat Earth Diary pages rather than here. broadly speaking L5R a couple of board games and a little Magic.

The only dissapointment of the weekend was the second pizza run, which I keep falling for. It just takes too long from the point its ready to be ordered to the point It arrives. I had to leave for home before it made it there. I’m sure it has more to do with the pizza delivery place than the convention organisers.  I’ll just have to remember not to order it next year!

All in all, well done to all involved. I’ll be back again.


One Response to Dominicon 2K8

  1. DrDevidents says:

    Haha! you’re going to be thirty soon. you are sooooo old.

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