Call Of Cthulhu CCG

I bought a whole bunch of the Call Of Cthulhu CCG when it came out.  I have to admit I could count the number of games I’ve played on one hand. But I absolutely adored the card art,  The artwork is absolutely fabulous and evokes the Cthulhu Mythos perfectly.   The art was what initially attracted me to the game but I as I learned the mechanics and cards I came to like the game for itself. Unfortunately by that time It ceased to be ( at least in the form that it existed at the time).  I had a game of it this weekend with a mate of mine which prompted this blog post.  Its a really, really nice game and I was curious to see what had become of it.

I recall hearing that it had undergone a transformation, that no longer would random boosters be sold but instead less frequent and fixed (i.e not random) expansions would be released. However I haven’t seen anything like that.

according to a press release on their official website from back in February, the game has being restructured with themed ‘Asylum’ packs being released on a monthly basis. Its seems a little contradictory in that it says two asylum packs are to be released before October but that the new LCG  ( Living Card Game) product (which as far as I can tell is the asylum packs) will be launched in October.

There do seem to be some asylum packs available from their website, but I haven’t seen them in the shops or at Irish cons. Anyone got them yet? Is the art up to the same standard?

This is anther game I’m keen to get playing again, so I hope their new vision for the product takes off.  Any maybe I can finally get some Ancient Ones…


2 Responses to Call Of Cthulhu CCG

  1. I worked in a game-shop at the time and was the ‘keeper’ (tournament organizer) for it. I loved that game and I am happy to see it come back!

  2. tygerkrash says:

    Hi Blackwingbear, thanks for the comment . As I say I was only just getting into the game when they started winding things down so I never had the opportunity to play in competition . Hopefully when it starts popping up around here again there be some tournament opportunities.

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