Post Convention Review

Well it’s all done now, all the running around, all the fretting, all the making fools of ourselves, all the dice chucking, card flopping, war-gaming and larping.

And it was fun.

Between sorting out GMs (and feeding same) and players for the RPGS I even managed to get in a couple of games myself.
I played the MTG: Mirage Sealed Deck competition ( and was annihilated for my trouble) should definitely have played the excellent Darkest Before Dawn LARP instead, as it was I only got a sneak peek and a run through of the plot.


I also finally got to play my L5R deck (against a crab player, last years con-director) I won too!
Despite the mocking of the Dragon, Scorpion and Crab Clan players I will be sticking with the noble Crane, and yes, they are a “Proper” Clan.


A quick game of Tsuro , definitely my fave < 30 minute game, very simple and yet great fun ( It reminds me of an old C64 game, ‘Confuzion’ I think it was called, where you had a spark that would follow a trail across tiles you would lay down).


I even squeezed in a game of Wolf (Werewolves of Millers Hollow to give it its full title) after the pub quiz, I was a wolf and we feasted on the flesh of the foolish bickering villagers 😉

Other Points of Note
Rock band played on the big screen was cool, a couple of very talented players at the con.
Somehow our con director managed to avoid being put in a dress

The less said about our rendition of Spielberg’s classic E.T. for the ‘trilogy’ in 60 seconds the better.

I Will post some photos/video when I’ve had a chance to sort them.

Taking a leaf from Stephen Fry’s blog I’ll be posting a glossary on my posts where I use a lot of TLAs.
TLA: Three Letter Acronym – self explanatory

GM: Games Master – The player in an RPG who is part storyteller,referee and actor, the one ‘in charge’.

RPG: Role Playing Game – A sort of collaborative storytelling where each player takes on the role of a character (speaks for them and describes their actions) dice rolling usually involved to determine the success or failure of player actions.

LARP: Live Action Role Playing – As per RPG, much lighter on rules, usually driven more by the players than GM and usually played standing up/walking around (instead of sitting at a table as in RPGs).

MTG: Magic The Gathering-  a Collectible Card game set in a fantasy world.

L5R: Legend Of the 5 Rings – a collectible card game set in an Feudal japan influenced fantasy setting.

C64: Commodore 64 – the venerable home computer that shaped my generations early videogaming years.


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