This weekend is Confess’ fifth year. I’ve once again been assigned the task of sourcing RPGs for the con. A task which made much easier
by the willingness of the writers to contribute and spend their time pulling together games for us. Nice to have one or two new
faces in the list, and good to see some of the veterans returning to the fray, special mention to Bon who has been kind enough to
not only writes and GMs a game  but also GMs another games second table, every single year for the last 5 years. Hats off.

Should be a fun weekend, plenty of games on and we’re trying a couple of new special events – A Shadowrun RPG in 40 minutes where
each game is ultimately linked, a Killer Variant and Plot – I’d guess you’d call it fiction writing competition..

Personally I’m looking forward to:

-Participating in the Magic Mirage sealed deck tournament (think its listed as a draft but unless I’m mistaken we’ll be getting sealed decks
and a couple of boosters) , its the set that got me into the game in a big way,loved the art and the world it conjured up.

-Finally playing a game of L5R with my own cards (maybe even the competition).. Although I discovered this morning that my carefully crafted deck
got mixed up with my other cards

-Seeing what new games people are playing.. feeling a bit out of touch recently.

-Just seeing everyone and hanging out having a couple of beers!

See you there


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